Best Whole House Surge Protector 2023

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Welcome to our post on the best whole house surge protectors! In today’s technology-driven world, our homes are filled with an abundance of electronic devices that are vulnerable to power surges. These surges can occur due to lightning strikes, utility company issues, or even the operation of high-powered appliances within our homes. To safeguard your valuable electronics and appliances from the damaging effects of power surges, investing in a whole house surge protector is a smart choice.

In this post, we will explore and recommend some of the top whole-house surge protectors available on the market. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to protect your entire household or a business owner aiming to safeguard your equipment, our comprehensive guide will assist you in making an informed decision. Discover the best whole house surge protectors and gain peace of mind, knowing that your valuable electronics are protected from unpredictable electrical disturbances.

Advancements in science and technology have changed the world itself. Day-to-day process speed increased, people became perceptive, and things worked efficiently. Science and technology have gifted many life-changing things to humanity in every sector of life. Ranging from better human colonization to equal and efficient health benefits and from fast-paced travel to almost everything, scientific and technological sectors played a crucial role in making life on Earth better. 

Why is Electricity Important?

Electricity is one of the finest examples of the application of science in the direction of a better humanity. Without it, our lives would be entirely incompatible and so much difficult in every way. Electricity has made a positive impact on our homes, in our foods, industrial sector, communication, transport, entertainment, education, and healthcare sector. 

This list is widely incomplete. Electricity is beneficial in so many ways that we can’t even count. 

For instance, in our home, we have so many appliances and devices that work with electricity. Refrigerators, lights, dishwashers, ovens, TVs all work with electricity. 

But, with so many benefits of these electric appliances in our home, there is a slight problem. Surges!

As you know, with every problem, there is a solution, just wanted to be found. 

We found this solution in Best Whole House Surge Protectors. 

Simply put, a whole house surge protector protects all the appliances in your home from voltage spikes, limiting excess electrical current by blocking its flow or shorting it to the ground, much like a pressure relief valve. 

Why do we need a whole house surge protector? 

Not everyone has one of it in their homes, but it is the best investment so far! Think of it as insurance for your expensive devices. 

Sudden surges are not your fault. It can be caused when excess lightning happens or what so ever reasons. You should stay protected at your end. 

Surge Protectors burn themselves but protect your whole house from surges. 

Think of it, Is it worth spending several thousand dollars to replace an expensive device, or are you better of spending between $100-$200 on a whole house surge protector? 

What to look in a best whole house surge protector? 

Professionals advise these factors to must-have in a surge protector.  

We always look up to these crucial characteristics of a whole house surge protector. 

  • Warranty: This one’s a lot easier to explain– the larger the warranty, the much better. Not just for the obvious factor that if something goes wrong, you’ll be able to make a claim, but for the signal that a long warranty suggests about the quality of the whole house surge protector. 
  • Voltage and Surge Protection Rating: Manufacturers of whole-house surge protectors often use terms like “high voltage protection.” A lightning strike can send 30,000 volts into a household electrical system, so protecting against that kind of power certainly sounds impressive. However, while the voltage protection rating is calculated by UL and CSA in their testing, they are often not prominent within the product details. Always check them up. 
  • UL Certification: UL, formerly known as Underwriters Laboratories, is an independent organization recognized worldwide for safety testing and certification. The current standard for surge-protection devices is UL 1449 (3rd Edition). The term “UL-listed” is frequently used. A whole-house surge protector is also listed and labeled as TVSS on devices. UL 1449 covers numerous aspects of the SPD, including how fast it reacts to a surge, the current required to trip it, and the level of protection offered. In order to pass, a whole-house surge protector must be able to produce results within the specified limits for as many as 15 consecutive tests.
  • Enclosure Type of NEMA: A NEMA enclosure is a rate of protection measured against environmental factors including dust, oils, water, coolant, and corrosive agents.It stands for The National Electrical Manufacturers Association. 
  • Nominal and Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage: The nominal voltage in the U.S. (the voltage provided at your household outlets) is 110/120 volts. In many other countries, it is 220/240 volts. Whole-house surge protectors are frequently capable of switching to either, but it is worth checking. The maximum continuous operating voltage (MCOV) is the amount of voltage the surge protector will allow through without tripping. This provides a margin of between 15 percent and 20 percent. For example, a 120-volt surge protector with a 20 percent margin would have an MCOV of 144 volts. 

Some General FAQ’s 

Here are some general FAQs in case you might want to learn more about Whole House Surge Protector: 

How much does a Whole House Surge Protector really cost? 

The installation cost of a whole-house surge protection network lies between $300 to $800 approximately. The average price is ~$150. If you want professionals to handle your installation, they charge a couple extra hundred dollars. It varies.

Is it a Good Investment? 

Yes, installing a whole-house surge protection network is a great idea. It can save you thousands of dollars in damaged devices. Approximately 50% of electric surges are internal. Most surges are undetectable, but they can still damage your devices. A total surge protection system guards your devices against these transients.

 How often should a surge protector be replaced? 

Professional advice to replace your surge protector by every two years or so. The lifespan of a surge protector merely depends on the number of surges it bears every day. The metal oxide coating wears off with every spike. Yes, they can last longer but, the safest thing to do is to change your protector every two years.

Let us compare a whole-house surge protector with an ordinary power strip: 

The main contrast between a surge protector and a power strip is the ability to protect attached pieces of equipment. The first one uses a metallic coat to bear any excess power and can conduct electricity through it. A power strip only provides extra outlets to use. 

A surge protector can also act as a power strip, but a power strip cannot act as a surge protector. 

Some Top Picks that we guarantee work best: 

Here are some of the best whole-house surge protectors that work best in every possible and is best reviewed by users: 

Siemens FS 140 Whole House Surge Protector

Best Whole House Surge Protector 2023
Siemens FS 140 Whole House Surge Protector

The Siemens FS140 has a three multi-stage notification system to show its correct health. While other protectors use LEDs, it includes 

  • Crafted to operate with all circuit breakers
  • Protect against household split phase 120/240v, 60-Hz systems.
  •  Surge current capacity of 140kA prevents damage to your smart home.

As it has a fourth-type enclosure rating, you can install it everywhere. 

Our Review: Our Review: If you are a person that wants their system’s health status to be constantly updated, this whole house surge protector by Siemens is a brilliant choice. Just double-check the free slot in your breaker panel.


Leviton 51120-1 120/240 Volt Panel Protector, 4-Mode Protection:

Best Whole House Surge Protector 2023
Leviton 51120-1 120/240 Volt Panel Protector, 4-Mode Protection

If you don’t want to comprise on the aesthetics of your breaker panel, this surge protector is the best option available as it installs cleanly. The flush mount on it allows the user to view the current status. Moreover, it comes with a J-box metal enclosure that magnifies its durability and is persistent.


Our Review: This is a good choice if you want to install an internal surge protector for your home. It satisfies all industry standards and you can completely rely on it.



Schneider Electric’s Square D HOM2175SB:

Best Whole House Surge Protector 2023
Schneider Electric’s Square D HOM2175SB

This surge breaker is the most affordable protection available on the market. It is small, compact, and can easily fit between two circuits breaker slots.


EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection:

Best Whole House Surge Protector 2023
EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection

An excellent choice if you need a new level of protection. It is made to be compatible with all brands. It can also be installed anywhere even outside the panel.



Intermatic IG1240RC3

Best Whole House Surge Protector 2023
Intermatic IG1240RC3

If you are a fan of using plug-in strips to protect your devices, this is an excellent option for your aesthetics. It detects and puts down the massive current increase.



Since our home is usually the single most expensive asset we own, it makes perfect sense to ensure everything inside the house including all our beloved home appliances are fully protected from power surges that could cause potential damages to them. Some ultra-powerful voltage spikes (e.g. lightning strikes) could cause lots of electricity to pass through to our electrical devices all at once, causing them to either overheat or catch fire. We hope you liked this guide about Best whole house surge protector 2023 for more information about surge protectors you can see you query here

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