Top 10 Best Whole House Surge Protectors- Residential Protection

In today’s modern world, our homes are filled with an ever-growing number of electronic devices and appliances that make our lives more convenient and enjoyable. However, with the increase in electronic dependencies, the risk of electrical surges damaging our valuable equipment has also grown. That’s where residential whole house surge protection comes in.

Residential whole house surge protection is a comprehensive solution designed to shield your entire home from the damaging effects of power surges. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of residential whole house surge protection and the reasons why every homeowner should consider investing in this essential electrical safety device.

We will discuss how power surges occur, the potential risks they pose to your home’s electronic infrastructure, and the key benefits of installing residential whole house surge protection. Additionally, we will provide valuable installation tips and considerations to help you seamlessly integrate this protection into your electrical system.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of making an informed decision, which is why we will review the 10 best residential whole house surge protection options available in the market. This review will help you select the right surge protector that suits your specific residential needs.

With our in-depth exploration of residential whole house surge protection, you will gain a solid understanding of its benefits, functionalities, and importance in safeguarding your home’s electrical system. Whether you are a new homeowner, a tech enthusiast, or simply someone looking to protect their valuable electronic investments, this blog post will equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision and secure your home’s electrical infrastructure for years to come.

Let’s dive into the world of residential whole house surge protection and ensure the safety of your home’s electronics.

What Is The best Whole House Surge Protector?

We really want the introduction of the best whole house surge protector for the whole house. This gadget will prevent uncontrolled power outages or currents and will protect the entire circuit. This can alleviate injuries from lightning strikes, internal surges and various causes. Household surge protection is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your computer and equipment from damage caused by surge or sparking. Most homeowners are unaware that launching an entire house surge protection gadget (help board) alone can shut down up to 80% of all major surges. There is still 20% of the power outage that will ‘spray’ the entire home safety gadget designed on the help board.

Why We Need Best Whole House Surge Protector?

This harmful flow of electricity will search and cause damage to home computer systems associated with household items. This is where the second layer of surge insurance becomes an important factor. In order to have 90% insurance against multiple energy surge, a signal to use surge protection gadgets is also required as a last resort to protect domestic appliances and related electrical gadgets.

Assuming you really need 100% surge protection, we strongly recommend that you hire an authorized electrician and ask him or her to replace all standard AC electrical outlets in the house and install surge silencers.

That being said, very few customers actually have this in their homes. In addition, a large number of people have an incorrectly rated unit or are set to their application by mistake. With this help, we will help you clear up by adding a false section of surge information and give you the data you really need to choose the best house surge protector for your needs. You will find out about the types of severe surges, how most home surge protectors are in short supply, lastly how to properly choose a home surge protector that can keep every electronic gadget in your home safe.

Good vs Bad Surge Protector

Decent house protection is essential to prevent surges without damaging your home. They should be tested for indoor and outdoor use, be easy to introduce, and have a wide range of safety features. A long-term warranty or manufacturer’s warranty is a complete requirement. A bad surge protector has a low level of surge protection and has a high chance of breakage in less than half a year.

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Why We Need a Whole House Surge Protector

Not everyone has one of these units, but rather we believe it is not an unbelievable task, or we view it as a defense. What is your most important gadget? like your TV, PC, or home theater frame they get confirmation from modest plug extensions with surge insurance. However, that is not the best type of surge protector. Additionally, you may not have considered other resources that you may or may not use a surge protection gadget. For example, do you connect your phone or cell phone to a power outage that is protected by a surge whenever you charge it?

What can be said about your dishwasher, refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine/dryer, treadmill or that expensive coffee machine or blender in which you put a few checks? The desire of the little ones will probably not be enough to kill your gadget at this time, but over time even the smallest surge can shorten their lifespan as many of them have low-power components that need to be verified. Your home has a large electric frame, and a small stand can protect your entire house without leaving any room for movement.

Is it worth spending a few thousand dollars instead of an expensive gadget, or would you say it is better than costing between $ 100- $ 200 for every house surge protector?

Types of Whole House Surge protector

All domestic surge protectors are the most powerful models available, often classified as one of two categories each with different levels of flood safety. If you think you need to find out more about their diversity, check out our specifications for the different types of surge protection that are accessible and realize what the right decision is for getting the right budget insurance for your home.

There are 3 types of surge protection gadgets out there. The following is a brief classification of each type.

Type 1:

Type 1 surge protectors ensure up to 80% of all external energy surges. This surge can occur from lightning strikes, power matrix support, power cords, etc. They are usually suspended between the post and your power meter (break panel). They are your first line of defense against catastrophic power guitars that may come rushing into the house whenever there is a power outage in outdoor sources.

Type 2:

Type-2 is all house surge safety gadgets that are usually installed on the indoor demolition board. These SPDs are usually connected by wires directly to the double shaft breaker on your primary breaker which may be connected to a small board that is continuously distributed on the floor. Type-2 SPD protects against internal surge that started indoors.

Type 3:

Surge protection types 3 are flood insurance devices that most of us probably have couples at home or at work. They are the surge proof line that connects us to all our electrical gadgets. These independent SPDs will automatically protect any gadgets connected to them in the area of ​​high voltage spikes. This type of SPD will not guarantee everything at home except those associated with electrical plugs.

Comparison between 3-types of surge protectors

Type 1 house surge protection shields from an outside power surge, as from lightning strikes. These are introduced between your power utility’s post and your power meter, the electrical organization frequently offers support for these to obstruct a surge. Its highlights are modern in nature, and not something purchasers truly need to stress over for insurance. A sort 2 hours surge defender is the one recorded in this article, introduced in your breaker boards, and component assurance for everything in that breaker from voltage surge. Type 3 surge defenders are your last line of protection, utilized at the resource – plug extensions, UPSs, and so on They don’t have a lot of highlights, however offer a last line of insurance. Type 3 defenders move the overabundance power into a ground wire.

What We Looked For in our Whole House Surge Protectors?

There are two or three things to search for while looking for the absolute best surge defender for your entire house. We’ve summed up these fundamental elements beneath:

  • Surge Current Rating

Surge Current Rating – otherwise called Surge Current Capacity – is the most extreme measure of surge current that a flood defender (for example a cooler flood defender or clothes washer surge defender) can be mistaken for a solitary surge occasion. This level is utilized to demonstrate the security limitations of a specific entire house surge defender.

The determination of a surge current rating for an SPD ought to be coordinated with the normal surge climate and the normal or wanted valuable existence of the gadget.

For surge assurance for your entire house, this can fluctuate contingent upon the arrangement. For example, a house with an immense home theater framework may require some extra insurance. So, you will seldom search for an entire house defender with a flood ebb and flow rating (SCR) under 50 kA (50000 amps).

  • Safety Rating

There are a lot of various security prerequisites by a lot of different organizations and organizations so which of these applies to entire house surge defenders?. Generally, you wish to investigate UL–previously Underwriters Laboratories.

UL is one of the various organizations endorsed to perform security screening by the U.S. government organization Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA has a rundown of endorsed testing research facilities, which are perceived as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories.

Indeed, even inside UL, however, there are a lot of safety principles that could utilize. For suitable entire house surge insurance, you for the most part wish to be taking a gander at the UL 1449 security standard. UL 1449 is the Underwriters Laboratories Safety Standard for Surge Protective Devices (SPD)– for example, ideal for entire house surge security.

So ensure your entire house surge defender affirms UL 1449.

  • Guarantee

This current one’s significantly more straightforward to clarify the bigger the guarantee, the vastly improved.

Not only for the undeniable component that if something turns out badly, but you’ll also have the option to make a case, however for the sign that a long guarantee proposes about the nature of the whole house surge protector (or rather, the fearlessness the supplier has for the whole house surge protector).

In the event that providers gave out liberally long guarantees for a whole house surge protectors that went belly up following fourteen days, they would not be around for long.

So you wish to want for longer guarantees and high protection inclusion installments on your entire house surge defender (from organizations that have been around for over 5 years).

  • Clamping Voltage

Clamping voltage alludes to the ideal amount of voltage that can pass a whole house surge protector before it restricts additional voltage from passing to the gadget it is attempting to protect.

For example, an entire house surge defender might limit a 6,000 V flood so that the main 600V is ‘observable’ to the heap. Along these lines here the clasping voltage for this entire house surge defender is 600V.

Assuming the cinching voltage is too costly, the surge defender will permit over-the-top voltage to pass to your entire house (which will break it).INSPECT the most extreme positioned voltage of your entire house preceding purchasing a surge defender, so verify that the clasping voltage of your entire house surge insurance gadget is LOWER than the ideal working voltage of your entire house. Overall, however, the clipping voltage should be LESS than 700V for an entire house surge defender.

Do Whole House Surge Protector Warranties Cover All of My Electrical Equipment?

By and large, any entire house surge defender you can purchase offer restricted guarantees of differing lengths and sums. The guarantees offer many thousand dollars of security to cover any harm caused to delicate hardware because of the disappointment of the insurance gadget. In any case, it’s regularly very hard to demonstrate and confirm that harms are because of your right utilization of the gadget. If you do at any point seek after guarantee activity inside the predefined stretch of time, remember that it may not be effective if the producer concludes that you might have effectively voided your case.

While picking an entire house surge defender, center around an organization that has great client support, and they’ll make it more straightforward to manage the protection during a case and ideally pay enough to make your wallet entire again in case of an especially frightful surge.

How to Install Surge Protector?

Before we dive into the details of the best whole-house surge protectors on the market, it’s important to note that proper installation is key to ensuring their effectiveness. If you’re unsure of how to install a surge protector, be sure to check out our latest article, ‘How to Install  Surge Protector: A Step-by-Step Guide’. This guide will walk you through the process of installing a surge protector in your home, so you can protect your valuable electronics and appliances from power surges. Once you’re ready to choose the best surge protector for your needs, read on for our top picks and detailed reviews

How long does a whole house surge protector last?

Shockingly there is no perfect life span even for the whole house surge protector due to the severe fluctuations in energy you may have. You will need to carefully examine the features of the item to understand the level of certainty you have. Lightning strikes may cause a gadget, or it may require 5-7 years of few interruptions but at the same time. You may also have multiple throbs and up to 15+ years in one. It is difficult to say and it depends on many things. Always check the indicator lights to make sure the unit is still working properly and verify all your gadgets.

Whole House Surge Protector Reviews : Top Best Choices

We have Reviewed the following 1o Surge Protectors: 

  • Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection
  • Square D by Schneider Electric HEPD80 Protective Device
  • Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protector Device
  • Leviton 51120-1 120/240-V Panel Protector
  • Intermatic IG1240RC3 Surge Protection Device
  • Siemens QSA2020SPD Surge Protection Device
  • Eaton CHSPT2 SURGE Type 2 Surge Protector
  • Eaton CHSPT2 SURGE Type 2 Surge Protector
  • Square D by Schneider Electric Plug-On Surge Protector
  • Siemens FS100 Surge Protective Device

1. Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection

Best Whole House Surge Protector

Whole house surge protection pros and cons

  • Universally compatible with any center box brand
  • Protected by a NEMA Type 4 Enclosure for increased durability
  • Capable of handling 108kA max surge current and 800v max voltage
  • Comes with four modes of protection to cover most residential applications
  • Limited lifetime warranty and connected equipment warranty
  • Included wires are too short and may not reach the ground/neutral bar

I highly recommend the Eaton Whole House Surge Protector, especially if you suffer from frequent surges in your area. Its warranty and guarantee will give you peace of mind.


2. Square D by Schneider Electric HEPD80 Protective Device


Whole house surge protection pros and cons

  • Built-in LED indicator light shows device status at a glance
  • CSA and UL ratings ensure compliance with industry standards
  • 80,000-Amp surge current rating is more than enough for most applications
  • Easy-to-install for most professionals
  • 5-year product warranty with $50,000 residential equipment coverage
  • LED indicators are too dim when viewed under bright lights

If you want to install a surge protector inside your breaker panel, then I recommend this device. It’s easy to use and monitor, just don’t expect to see the status clearly in bright light.

3. Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protector Device

Siemens FS140 Whole House Surge Protector Device

Whole house surge protection pros and cons

  • Three-stage notification ensures timely status updates on system health
  • Type 4-rated outdoor enclosure allows installation of device anywhere
  • Designed to work with standard 30-amp 2-pole circuit breakers
  • Protects typical residential split phase 120/240v, 60-Hz systems
  • Surge current capacity of 140kA prevents damage to your smart home
  • Large housing might not fit in some smaller breaker boxes

This Siemens Whole House Surge Protector is an excellent choice if you want to be constantly updated about your system’s health and status. Just be sure of your available space if you’re going to install this internally in your breaker panel.

4. Leviton 51120-1 120/240-V Panel Protector

Best Whole House Surge Protector

Whole house surge protection pros and cons

  • Easy flush mounting makes it clean and straightforward to install
  • Uses standard J-box metal enclosure for enhanced durability and longevity
  • Real-time diagnostic LEDs indicate power and protection status
  • Works with Decora Home Controls
  • Fully compliant with UL-1449 standards to ensure quality and performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Can only be used indoors, not suitable for external installations

This is a good choice if you want to install an internal surge protector for your home. It conforms to industry standards, and you can rely on it to protect your electrical system.


5. Intermatic IG1240RC3 Surge Protection Device

Intermatic IG1240RC3 Surge Protection Device

Whole house surge protection pros and cons

  • Provides better protection to the overall circuit versus plug-in strips
  • Equipped with four 30” 12-gauge leads, more than enough for most applications
  • Long wires for convenient installation
  • Compact size lets it fit in most breaker panels
  • Durable NEMA 3R plastic enclosure keeps the device lightweight
  • Easy to install thermally-protected metal oxide varistor (TPMOV) technology
  • Included instructions are a bit vague and confusing to follow

I highly recommend this protection device, especially if you’re looking for an affordable option. Its features and technologies give this product excellent value for its price.

6. Siemens QSA2020SPD Surge Protection Device

6. Siemens QSA2020SPD Surge Protection Device

Whole house surge protection pros and cons

  • Integrated with two 20-amp circuit breakers to save space in your center panel
  • Easy, plug-and-play installation; screwdriver is the only required tool
  • Will protect the entire load center panel and all attached subcircuits
  • Easily viewable LED status lights reveal protection status for the electrical system
  • Rated for 120/240 V AC, for up to 40 degrees C
  • Limited compatibility, only works with Siemens breaker panels and load centers

    If you want simple and easy-to-install whole-house surge protection, this is the brand that I’d recommend. However, if you’re not using a Siemens-branded load center, I’m afraid you can’t use it.

    7. Square D by Schneider Electric HOM2175SB Surge breaker

    Best Whole House Surge Protector

    Whole house surge protection pros and cons

    • One of the most affordable surge protection devices available on the market
    • Can be installed in service entrance points, CSE devices, and homeline load panels
    • Complies with UL-1449 3rdrevision standards for safety and performance
    • Comes with a 3-year product warranty to guarantee protection for your equipment
    • Built-in LED to indicate the status
    • Takes up two slots for standard breakers

    This is one of the most affordable surge protection devices on the market. It’s perfect if you’re on a budget, but you must have an extra two slots in your load center to use this.

    8. Eaton CHSPT2 SURGE Type 2 Surge Protector

    Eaton CHSPT2 SURGE Type 2 Surge Protector

    Whole house surge protection pros and cons

    • Compatible with any load center in the market
    • Can be installed outside of the breaker panel
    • NEMA 4 enclosure allows usage in both indoor and outdoor installations
    • Quick and uncomplicated mounting procedure saves time and effort
    • 36,000 amps capacity will protect against power surges and even lightning strikes
    • Difficult for the ground and neutral wires to reach their respective connecting points

    If you want to upgrade your current electrical system, this is a good option. It’s an add-on device, and you wouldn’t need to make significant changes to what you have just to get this working.

    9. Square D by Schneider Electric Plug-On Surge Protector

    Best Whole House Surge Protector

    Whole house surge protection pros and cons

    • Small scale design takes up a single breaker slot only
    • Plug-in system allows for installation in a short time
    • Maximum surge capacity of 50,000 amps will fully protect your electrical system
    • High-capacity protection gives excellent value for money
    • Built-in LED status indicator shows surge protector health and status
    • Breakers must have the Plug-On Neutral feature for this item to work

    If you want a compact, plug-and-play surge protector, this is the item for you. Just ensure that your load center has a plug-on neutral feature to use this model.

    10. Siemens FS100 Surge Protective Device

    Whole house surge protection pros and cons

    • 100,000-amp surge capacity to protect your system from lightning
    • Can be mounted both indoors and outdoors due to the NEMA4X enclosure rating
    • Four protection modes cover surges from both phases, neutral, and ground lines
    • Audible indicator and visual LED lights give accurate feedback on system health
    • UL-1449 listing guarantees performance and product quality for your safety
    • No Cons

    If you need to install an external house surge protection device, I highly recommend the FS100. As long as you have no questions about it, I believe you won’t have any problems with this product.

    Some General FAQs

    Are whole house surge protectors worth it?
    Yes, whole house surge protectors are worth it. They provide comprehensive protection for all your electrical systems, appliances, and devices, safeguarding them against power surges and potential damage.
    Whole house surge protectors do they work?
    Yes, whole house surge protectors are effective in protecting your home’s electrical system. They are designed to divert excess voltage away from your devices, minimizing the risk of damage caused by power surges.



    The whole house surge protector is an investment. It will be a gadget that will take all the damage if your electrical circuit encounters the negative effects of a major surge. Despite the fact that it may cost a bit at first, just imagine how much it will cost you if all your electrical gadgets, such as your equipment, PCs, cell phones, and all the other items are connected to the outlet, damaged or damaged. dismissed.

    The main concern is that you should put resources in the surge protection of the whole house. This can save you hundreds, if not a large number of dollars. It can also keep your electrical outlet and housing safe. If you are unsure whether you should get it or not, all you can do is consult an expert.

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