How much surge protection do I need

Wherever we live it doesn’t matter but surges for electronic devices are a must. To protect our electronic devices from that is our duty. Surge protectors perform perfect duties to save our devices from any kind of brown out.

Someone concious about electric surges must always have this question in mind “How much surge protection do I need”, this might be quite confusing but now it’s time to end this confusion, here we go!

Without appropriate protection, our devices are under damage.

I suggest devices with a high rating of surge protector joules. Before understanding it fully we should know well about power surges. It’s any type of spike produced in an electronic device. This spike doesn’t have a time period of more than a thousandth of a second, but on a serious note, it can destroy our devices within this short interval.

What Surge Protectors are?

Same as shock absorbers fit in our vehicles to protect them from damage, surge protectors work the same for the electronic devices we use in our daily life such as laptops, TV, Air conditioners, Generators and Refrigerator etc.These protectors help to absorb the spike produced in our system due to any reason.

Clamping Voltage

It’s the amount of voltage it takes to get the surge protection to function. Voltage and protection have an inverse relationship the less voltage is the more protection devices have.

If there’s a high value of clamping voltage any small power spike can destroy our devices within Short interval of time.


The joule rating tells us how much energy is dissipated in surge protection.The joule rating is defined as how much energy our surge protector can absorb.A surge protector with a rating of 1,000 joules will stay longer than a surge protector with a  500 joules rating.

How Many Surge Protector Joules Do I Need?

Its totally depends on the device we are going to protect from surges.Large devices needs large protection and vice versa for the devices that are small needs less protection.

The best joule rating for your needs will depend on the kind of device you want to protect. For more expensive equipment, go with a joule rating that is higher. The ideal rating for point-of-use surge protectors is between 200 and 400 joules, with 600 and higher being even better.

Surge protectors with ratings of more than 1000 joules are the best option for electrical appliances like lamps, small kitchen appliances, digital clocks, and so on. Since they don’t normally store information and are ordinarily economical, results of this sort seldom require broad safety efforts.

However, if you want the best protection for your family’s electronics, you should go with the highest possible joule rating (more than 2000 joules). You ought to search for a gadget that answers in under a nanosecond for the most significant level of security. The device’s quick response time is also crucial.

For me, I’ll Divide protection needed on the basis of joules.

  •  500 to 1,000 Joules

The devices that don’t store much data can be protected under 1,000 joules.For example when having table lamps.

These surge protectors are small in size and you can place them behind furniture or other items without much hassle. Because of their size, they’re also flexible to use just about anywhere, from a home office to the kitchen counter. A protector with small joules is the most affordable tool when working with small devices.

  •  1,000 to 2,000 Joules

A surge protector with this rating will be able to control the small devices plus some of the office devices.

If I’m going to shield things like cell phones, basic laptops, printers, routers, and copiers, we will want a surge protector with a rating between 1,000 and 2,000 joules.

  •  2,000 to 3,000 Joules

If I’ll have a device with any kind of sensitive information we need to protect it more. The rating will be under 3000 joules.

This includes things like gaming consoles, home theater equipment, and computers.We get to know clearly about the fact that surge protector works forever.No! This isn’t true, no surge protector lasts forever. You may have arised a question in your mind that is answered below,

How to check either Protection is on or not?

Most surge protectors have an LED light (indicator) present on it.When it’s ON it means that protection operation is going on.Also,whenever light Indicator stops or is OFF it means protection operation is stopped.

 Atlast,I will focus on the fact that a surge protector becomes a must whenever one is playing with electronic devices.So,we should be clever enough to find a good affordable surge protector.

At the end i have a personal pro tip cant stop me to share with you that You must use Whole House Surge Protector to avoid any type of surge damages.

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