This guide is all about Outdoor Surge Protectors, As long as it is plugged into a grounded outlet, a surge protector, also known as a surge suppressor, offers some safety but not full protection for electrical equipment plugged into it. The surge protector recognizes excessive voltage as soon as it occurs and diverts it through the ground cable so that it doesn’t reach your sensitive electronics.

The surge protector is better at handling power surges if it has a greater joule rating since it can handle more energy. While 1,000 joules are frequently sufficient for basic electrical and electric items like a blender, toaster, or light, 2,000 joules or more is recommended for pricey gadgets like a TV, game console, or computer.

A surge protector is similar to insurance in that you almost never need it, but on the 0.1 percent of occasions when you do, you’ll be glad you have it. Surge protectors assist in preventing damage to your plugged-in items in the event that excessive electricity surges through the wiring in your home as a result of a lightning strike or another source.

Even some of your own gadgets might create surges.

This feature prevents your electronics from being harmed in a power surge, which is typically caused by a storm, by diverting sudden voltage rises away from sensitive machinery.

Smaller, less obvious power spikes can degrade the lifespan of your electronics even without a storm.


1.         A must-have is surging protection.

This feature prevents your electronics from being harmed in a power surge, which is typically caused by a storm, by diverting sudden voltage rises away from sensitive machinery.

Smaller, less obvious power spikes can degrade the lifespan of your electronic seven without a storm. Joules, a unit of energy measurement, are used to rate protection.

Michael Richard, director of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ construction and maintenance section, advises that you should have no less than 2,000 joules for electronics like PCs, home theatres, and audio equipment.

2. USB ports are easy to handle and use

Nowadays, a number of power strips come with USB ports in addition to the standard three-prong grounded outlets. A good space saver is to simply plug your phone’s charging wire into one of the USB ports rather than into an outlet adaptor.

3. It’s critical for large plugs to be flexible

Modern oversized plugs can block the adjacent outlets on a conventional power strip, preventing you from using it to its maximum potential. In order to address this, new strips either space outlets widely apart or enable them to pivot up to 90 degrees.

4. New models have raised floor seating.

Manufacturers are aware that we frequently use cables of varied lengths that may not extend all the way to the floor to plug in numerous gadgets on tables and nightstands.

“Simple access is essential”.

As a result, they created disc-shaped and tower-style strips that may be placed on a table without being unsightly. Some even have a wireless smartphone charging pad incorporated right into the device.

5. Little ones are ideal for traveling

There might not be enough outlets in hotels. For additional power, place a compact, lightweight power strip with three outlets in your suitcase.

6. A pricey purchase can protect expensive gadgets

Sometimes you want more security, whether it’s for a pricey computer or a home entertainment system. Some power strips have premium surge protection, additional protections, and warranties against equipment damage.

Don’t cut corners, advises Richard.

“Furthermore, take into account a feature that alerts you when the surge protection stops working. When that occurs, the really great ones will just shut down, letting you know it’s time for a new one.

Let us review some good outdoor surge protectors.

1.Amazon Basics 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 6-Foot Long Cord, 790 Joule – Black


1. It’s a socket embedded multi-plug surge protector.

2.Damage from harmful voltage fluctuations can be protected by this device.

3.It has a reset/Off switch on it’s upper body, this makes the device easy to use.

4.This device helps to fulfill daily charging needs for different devices.

5.This extension is far better in a sense because it is made up of fireproof material for example TV,computer,laptop etc.

6.Also, it provides safety cover over it so that if ever any child holds that it wouldn’t be dangerous.

2.BESTECH Tower Power Extension Lead 9 Outlets 2M Cord with Fast PD USB-C Slot (18W) & 4 USB Slots Surge Protection Multi-Plug Vertical Power Socket


1.It’s a 9 outlet device,with 600 Joule surge protector power strips.

2.It protects electronic devices from spikes or damages due to outages.

3.Also heavy equipment works friendly with this.

It has a red light as a power indicator.

4.Outlets are widely spaced.


3.Power Extension Lead Built-in USB Port On/Off Switch,Klearlook Power Strip 3 USB Ports 8 Way Socket 2 Meter Extension Lead


1.It’s a vertical tower shaped surge protector.

2.It’s also a 9 AC outlet device.

With 2500 watts surge protection, works with 10A current.

3. It works quite friendly for classic places.

4.There are a total of 4 USB portals.

5.plug type for this surge protector is Type G.

4. 6-outlet Surge Protection Strip with 2M Power Cord


 1. It can control spikes of up to 650 joules.

2.It has 6 AC outlets that are protected and provide shields to your expensive tools,making them useful without fear of any damage.

3.It is designed smartly to use,also has sliding safety cover on it making it safe when it’s in child’s hand.

5.Extension Power Cord Multi Plug Vertical Tower With 8 UK Outlets Socket And 2M Cable Strip


1.It’s a small and compact type of surge protector that helps to save space.

2.It has 8 AC outlets with 4 USB charging portals.

3.On the top of this extension there are two separate switches making it easy to use.

4.It’s a high quality extension having fireproof plastic cover for its safety.

6.Belkin BSV603VF2M Surge Strip Protection Socket 6 Slots


1.It is a two meters cord extension strip.

2. It has 4 surge outlets that are protected.

3. It helps to protect from fire or any other damage impact.

4. Plug type of this extension is type G.

7.Power Strip Tower with USB Ports, AiJoy Surge Protector

  1. It’s a strip tower shaped outdoor surge protector.
  2. It has 8 AC outlets along with four USB ports.
  3.  It is fast charging device with extension cord of 10Ft.

8.Belkin Surge Protector W/ 8 Rotating & 4 Standard Outlets

  1. It’s a Belkin company surge protector along with eight rotating outlets and four standard outlets.
  2.  It has 8ft extension cord with pivot plug.
  3. It can be use in traveling, office, and at home.

9.Outdoor Power Strip Weatherproof with USB C, Waterproof Surge Protector

  1. It is an excellent type of outdoor protector with weatherproof ability, it’s a water proof electronic device.
  2.  It consists of 4 outlet with 3 USB. It’s extension wire is 6ft long.
  3. It is more useful when working in kitchen,washroom  and in garden when one’s need to have electronic connection.

10.New Belkin Pivot Plug Surge Protector, 8 Outlets, 6ft Cord , Each

  1. It’s a type of protector with 8 rotating AC outlets.
  2.  It has 6 long ft.
  3. It’s best when one is traveling in the office or at home.

It is all about outdoor surge protectors, If you want more about surge protectors click here

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