Traveler’s Essential: Finding the Best Travel Power Strip

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With the advancements in technology, packing for travel got harder. Let us tell you why. There were days when a traveler packed a few necessary things in a backpack, got a passport, and moved away. These days, the range of necessary things increases many folds. An average traveler has to carry things like Smartphones, Laptops, Digital Cameras, Power Banks, Gimbals, Drones, and many more on their travel necessity list.

In today’s digital age, staying connected and powered up while traveling is essential. That’s where the best travel power strips come in. These compact and versatile devices provide a convenient solution for charging your electronic devices on the go. From smartphones to laptops, cameras to tablets, having a reliable power strip ensures you never run out of battery when you need it most.

Finding the best travel power strip can make a world of difference in your travel experience. With features like multiple charging ports, surge protection, and universal compatibility, these power strips cater to the unique needs of travelers. They are designed to be lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, making them essential travel accessories.

With that many devices, charging all of them can be a challenge. In most cases, there is only one charging outlet available. Restaurants and hotels offer only one or two power outlets.

Your trip can potentially be ruined unless you have best a power strip while traveling.

What is a power strip?

A power strip is a block of electrical sockets with a wire attached to one end of a flexible cable, allowing the charging up of multiple devices from a single power source.

They are used when many devices are being charged up in immediacy. Many power strips often have circuit-breaking options in case of power overload from your transformer or your electric service provider/company. Some have the ability to protect your plugged-in devices against electric surges. But, there is a strong difference in power strips and surge protectors. Click on Power strips vs. Surge protector.

Why do I need Power Strip during travel?

A power strip is a useful accessory to have during travel for several reasons. First and foremost, it allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. When you’re on the go, you likely have multiple electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and more that require charging. With a power strip, you can conveniently plug in all your devices at once, saving you time and ensuring they’re ready to use when you need them.

Another advantage of a power strip during travel is that it helps overcome the limited number of available power outlets. Hotel rooms or other accommodations often have a limited number of accessible outlets, especially if you’re sharing a room with others. Having a power strip allows you to maximize the usage of a single outlet by plugging in multiple devices into one strip. It eliminates the need to constantly switch and unplug devices, making it more convenient and efficient.

Furthermore, power strips often come with surge protection, which is crucial for safeguarding your valuable electronics. Electrical surges or fluctuations can occur in some areas, potentially damaging your devices. A power strip with surge protection acts as a buffer, shielding your gadgets from sudden voltage spikes and providing added peace of mind.

Additionally, carrying a power strip during travel can be beneficial for international trips. Different countries have varying power outlets and voltage standards. Some power strips are designed to handle different voltages and have universal plug adapters, allowing you to plug in your devices regardless of the country you’re in. This versatility eliminates the need for multiple adapters and ensures your devices can be charged anywhere.

So, a power strip is a practical and essential item to have during travel. It enables you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, overcomes the limited availability of power outlets, provides surge protection, and offers compatibility with different power standards. By having a power strip in your travel kit, you can stay connected, keep your devices charged, and ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey.

Having a power strip during your travels can greatly enhance your experience for several reasons. Firstly, many hotel rooms or accommodations have a limited number of power outlets available. By having a power strip, you can plug it into one outlet and instantly have multiple outlets at your disposal. Additionally, if you’re traveling internationally, a power strip with universal adapters or interchangeable plugs can ensure compatibility with different types of power outlets and voltage standards.

Moreover, power strips often come with features like fast-charging USB ports and surge protection, which allow for efficient charging and safeguard your devices against electrical fluctuations. Lastly, sharing outlets becomes easier when you have a power strip, as it allows multiple people to charge their devices simultaneously. Overall, a power strip is a convenient and practical accessory that provides extra outlets, compatibility, and safety, making it an essential item for hassle-free travel.

How we tested these power strips.

Testing these power strips is very important before recommending them to our community. Our experts have designed a funnel-like process. Every single power strip has to go through this funnel before getting mentioned on this website.

  1. The first step of this process is the identification of the control button on the power strip. The best power strips have a control button on them. All devices turn off/on by one main on/off button. There are two modifications to this concept. One is the Master/slave power strip. Another is the Remote Control power strip.
  2. The second step is Indication. Good power strips have a neon light or a LED light indication to show the running current. Some even have led indication at every outlet.
  3. Energy-saving and Stand-by feature is also the most crucial and advanced features of a power strip. The sensor circuit in the power strip detects the level of power and strips off the power if the appliance goes on stand-by. This reduces the consumption of power of the appliances plugged in.
  4. On the fourth count, the best feature is to have socket arrangements in the power strip. The best power strips have two or more two types of sockets. Sockets arrangements vary differently. For physical access reasons, there is a maximum of two rows.
  5. The single most crucial feature of the power strip is Surge protection and filtering. The best power strips have built-in EMF/RFI filters and surge protection features. They have metal-oxide varistors that turn down excess voltages into the ground, in return protecting your appliance from power surges.

The power strip device with all flags mentioned above can be considered the best power strip of all time. Buying the wrong kind of power strip can cost you a life. A poor power strip can burn down all your devices and connected appliances for a minute reason. We, as, do not want you to waste your money, risk your life and the health of your devices.

Here is our recommendation for power strips to buy.

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Top 6 Best Travel Power Strips Reviewed

Best Travel Power Strip: ANKER POWER EXTEND CUBE.

We have a lot of confidence in ANKER. Their power strips pass our every test and take our top spot. It combines many of the top features you need in a power strip. It is compact, lightweight, and aesthetically correct.

The circular layout lets you use all of the power outlets without letting chargers over-abuse and bump into each other. Its 5ft long cable and 45 degrees cube make it easier to use outlets even from hidden behind the furniture.

Best Travel Power Strip
Best Travel Power Strip

It has two 12W USB-A ports and a single 30W USB-C port. On the other hand, it has three AC power outlets. This power strip is a good mix for all travellers. It has low weight and more flexibility.

ANKER is a prestigious brand when it comes to chargers, batteries, and other power-equipment manufacturing. The company gives a regular 18-months warranty and a short-spanned $25,000 warranty in case of damage to the connected appliances.

Let’s discuss its pros and cons

  • Compact and Lightweight.
  • Aesthetic Designs.
  •  Power delivery support of USB-C 30W
  • Generous numbers of AC outlets and USB compact and Lightweight


  • Surge Protection is not included.

Best Overall Power Strip: APC V11PT3 Surge Arrest.

APC offers a $100,000 equipment protection policy in this 11 outlets surge arrest power strip. This shows their confidence in the perfectness of this device. It can be used in scientific labs to protect highly sensitive instruments. Even we have a hard time coming up with a similar device like this.

Best Travel Power Strip

This device has a proper LED indication of the running current and faulty wiring. It also has multilayered protection against all types of surges from outside. The six outlets for big plugs are nicely spaced without congestion. All the outlets have covers to keep the dust and debris out. Also, the long wire and 180 degrees cord make everything easier and nicer.

  •  3020J Surge Protection. 
  •  11 Power Outlets
  •  LED Indications.
  • 8ft Cord Length
  • 15amp Circuit Breaker
  •  No USB Ports

Best Power Strip for International Travel: BESTEK USB Travel Power Strip.

The BESTEK power strip is an ideal powerstrip for international travel. It is versatile and has an adaptable strap.

Its unique selling point is its set of eight adapters that covers almost every major country adapter standard. You can also buy these adapters separately but buying these in a set saves your extra efforts and some couple of bucks.

Best Travel Power Strip

Best Travel Power Strip

The power strip provides 2 AC outlets and a generous 5 USB ports for chargings. Since most travel accessories can be charged with USB, its formation makes quite a sense. The combined power outlet o all the sockets is 8A or 40W which is capable of reaching 2.4A or 12W. This makes charging your devices faster.

Its compact shape makes the power strip a lot more portable. Its durability makes it heavier than other power strips but it comes with a cost of a sturdy fire-resistant body.

  •  Eight travel adapters make it suitable for most international travels.
  • Sturdy and Durable.
  •  Strong surge protection of 1700 Joules
  •  8A 5USB Slots.
  • No Voltage Conversions.

Best for Work Travel: Tessan Flat Plug Extension Cord.

If you need a couple of extra outlets in a compact form, Tessan Flat Plug Extension Cord is your go-to option. It is easy to pack and go when travelling. It can easily be fit in a laptop back while working offsite.

Its far-spaced 4 outlets make it easier to plug devices with larger adapters without overlapping with each other. For charging devices, 3 USB ports can cover you.

You can easily hang this power strip on a wall hanger or anything. It is due to its lightweight compact shape. Tessan Flat Plug Extension can offer you surge protection of 3940 Joules.

Best Travel Power Strip

Best Travel Power Strip


  •  4 AC Outlets.
  • 3 USB Ports.
  • 1 Power Switch.
  • 3940J Surge protection.
  •  10Amp Circuit breaker.
  •  5ft Cord Length.
  • 90-degrees Plugs.
  •  No ground fault detection.

Best Mini-travel power strip: Belkin SurgePlus Swivel Charger

The BELKIN SurgePlus swivel charger is a good feature, compact, pocket-size power strip that you can easily carry around. It is made for a constraint environment, eliminating any tedious wires, it plugs directly into the wall outlet. The swivelling plug area lets you orient it in any direction.

For protection, this mini power strip offers you 918J surge protection with a strong fire-resistant outer body. Belkin SurgePlus has 3 AC outlets and 2 USB Ports. The Belkin SurgePlus Swivel Charger is an excellent, flexible option.

Best Travel Power Strip

Best Travel Power Strip

  •  Good size-to-ports ratio
  •  Swiveling plug makes it very flexible.
  •  Very Compact.
  •   Low USB power output. Combined 2.1A

Best for Desktop: Anker PowerExtend USB-C 3 Capsule

The Anker PowerExtend is more of an extended outlet with a complete set of USB ports than a power strip. Ideal for desktop and aesthetic workspaces where you regularly plug in computers/laptops and charge mobiles. Despite being small, it is lightweight and has a non-slip pad at its bottom.

It has a 3 LED set which indicates the power is on, the ground is protected, and surge protection is on respectively. It has an output of 45W from its USB ports for faster charging of compatible phones and laptops.

Best Travel Power Strip

  •  3 AC Outlets.
  •  2 USB-B Ports and 1 USB-C Port.
  •  1 Power Switch.
  • 15amp Circuit breaker.
  • Fault ground detection.
  • 6ft cord length.
  • 90-degrees plugs.
  • N/A

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Final words:

In conclusion, after thoroughly evaluating and comparing various power strips designed specifically for travel, it becomes evident that power strips with surge protection are indispensable companions during your journeys. When embarking on your travel adventures, ensuring the safety and efficient charging of your electronic devices is of paramount importance. Investing in a high-quality power strip with surge protection not only facilitates seamless charging of multiple devices simultaneously but also acts as a crucial safeguard against unexpected power surges, offering peace of mind throughout your travel experience.

One of the primary advantages of incorporating a power strip with surge protection into your travel essentials is the convenience it provides. As a globetrotter, you likely rely on an array of electronic devices, ranging from smartphones and tablets to cameras and laptops, to capture precious memories and stay connected with loved ones. With a travel power strip, you can effortlessly charge all your devices in one go, eliminating the need for multiple adapters and optimizing the limited number of power outlets often encountered during travel. This not only saves time but also ensures that your devices are fully charged, enabling you to document your travel experiences and share them with the world.

Furthermore, power strips equipped with surge protection offer an added layer of security, safeguarding your valuable electronics from unexpected voltage fluctuations that could potentially cause irreparable damage. During your travels, you may encounter varying power standards and electrical systems in different countries. With a travel power strip featuring surge protection, you can rest assured that your devices are shielded from voltage spikes, ensuring their longevity and uninterrupted functionality. This protection is particularly vital when exploring remote or less-developed regions where power infrastructure may be less stable or prone to fluctuations.

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Additionally, the compact and portable design of travel power strips makes them an ideal companion for jet setters. These power strips are specifically crafted with the needs of travelers in mind, offering lightweight construction and often including universal plug adapters. The inclusion of these adapters ensures compatibility with various power outlets found across different countries, negating the need to carry multiple bulky adapters. By having a travel power strip with surge protection in your travel kit, you can confidently embark on your adventures, knowing that you are well-prepared to charge your devices regardless of your destination.

To summarize, travel power strips with surge protection are indispensable asset for modern travelers. Not only do they provide the convenience of charging multiple devices simultaneously, but they also offer crucial protection against power surges that can pose a risk to your electronics. By investing in a reliable travel power strip, you can ensure seamless connectivity, capture cherished moments, and explore the world with confidence, knowing that your devices are protected and ready for every leg of your travel journey.

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