Power Strip Box

Power Strips are an integral component of every house nowadays. Not only do they provide more power outlets, but they also offer protection for your devices. Every home has one or more power strips. Some power strips are very aesthetic and match the vibe of your environment, but sometimes they do not fit well with your surroundings. It is due to their bulky shape or cluster of wires on them, or both.

Many homes have pets; many have infants as well. An open power strip can be serious trouble for them. All the electric wires exposed to them are posed as a danger for the babies and pets.

If you have a pet/infant or you are seriously concerned with the aesthetics of your house, you might relate to it.

Power Strip Box:

To cover all these problems, we came up with a very creative and effective solution. That is Power Strip Box. Let’s get into its detail. Power Strip Box is a plastic box that contains your power strip. It has openings on its sides for the inlet and outlet of electric wires. It has its detachable upper side while the other three fixed sides.

Benefits of having a power strip box:

A power strip box is a very useful piece of equipment as it offers solutions to many power strip-related problems. It contains your power strip and covers it from all sides that are exposed earlier. In this way, the power strip box prevents dust from entering into the outlets of the power strip. Dust can cause wear and tear in the mechanism of power outlets. Moreover, dust immediately decreases a sense of cleanliness and aesthetics. Nobody likes a dusted power strip that looks old and has a cluster of wires around it.

Another solution is that a power strip box provides protection for your infants/babies and your pets. Its durable plastic coverings are shock-proof and prevent your pets and babies from touching the wires or plugs. It covers all the exposed areas of the power strip that are dangerous. In this way, it makes the power strip completely shockproof.

Last but not least, these power strip box makes your clusters of wires vanish. Everyone loves tidy wires. The power strip box has side openings for the easy and tidy inlet and outlet of the wires. Reclaim your lost floor or desk space with a simple, aesthetic, and elegant solution of cable management. It looks perfect in your new gaming setups, work setups, and offices as well as in kitchens and other living spaces.

How to choose a Power Strip Box?

Choosing the best power strip box is not that complicated and technical as choosing a power strip itself. It got some basic components. Below are some features stated to be must-haves in our ideal power strip box.

  1. Suitable Side Openings: A suitable side opening on both sides or upper cover of the power strip box is very crucial. Side opening provides an inlet and outlet for the electric wires coming from all your appliances in a very tidy way. A power strip box with reasonable side openings can fit your setup well and make everything aesthetically correct.
  2. Shockproof & Fire-resistant material: A recommendable power strip box is made up of high-quality ABS or other materials. It should offer shock protection as it contains many clustered wires. Also, it should be fireproof in case of any short circuit between the wires. All power strip boxes should contain these two attributes as these are their main point of existence.
  3. Proper cables management: A good power strip box should be flexible enough to carry a large number of cables in it. It should have flexible lids and reasonable side openings for easy inlet and outlet of wires.
  4. Heat dissipation holes: Many power strip boxes do not have heat dissipation holes in them as a result they get overheated and create a fuss in your tidy environment. It is a must-have feature for an ideal power strip box.
  5. Optional Features: There are many optional features like having a non-slippery mat at the bottom of the power strip box helps a lot.

In short, an ideal power strip box should be made of high-quality fireproof material, have heat dissipation holes, flexibles cable management, and should be a nonslip base (optional).

Our top suggestions for Power Strip Box:

Here is a list of power strip boxes we voted for:

Chouky 2 Pack Large Cable Management Box- Power Strip Box:

The material of this power strip box is impact-resistant, fire retardant, and scratchproof. It can easily withstand daily use because of its durability while maintaining its charm and elegance. It comes with two power strip boxes. One is large-sized with the dimensions of 16.0 x 6.2 x 5.3 inches and the other is medium-sized with the dimensions of 12.6 x 5.4 x 5.0 inches. It’s one benefit is that it comes with cable ties, stick-on cable clips, and fabric sleeves. Moreover, it is designed with openings on each end allowing cords to pass through easily. This power strip box features a clasp designed to keep the power strip and cluster of wires locked in the box away from the access of kids and pets. It has a wooden-styled texture to match the aesthetics of your wooden table.

Power strip box
Power strip box
 Durable, sturdy, and heat retardant material.Doesn’t have heat dissipation holes.
 Spacious side openings.
 Wooden Aesthetics.
Comes with additional cable ties, sleeves, and clips.
Power Strip Box

D Line Cable Management Box

D-Line Cable management box or power strip box is one of the best of its type. It has a modern design look that matches the aesthetics of your new high-tech workstation or new gaming setup. Has three inlets and outlets on its back for tidy cables management. Comes with an additional D Link Cable raceway, cable tube, cable wrap, and cable zipper to organize entry/exit of the cables. DLink power strip box is 12.75″ (L) x 5″ (W) x 4.5″ (H) in dimensions and can hold up to 11” power strip in it.

The material used in this power strip box is electrically safe ABS material, is heat-proof, fire-retardant, and sturdy. Dlink power strip box has curved ends and a polished lid with AV/IT equipment mixed. The lid can be used to stand auxiliary items on it.

Power strip box
Power strip box
3x Rear Cable Entry/Exit points for
tidy cable management.
Isn’t strach-resistant.
Curved Edges and Ventilation holes make it
blend with modern electronics.
Made up of electrically-Safe ABS material
that is tested to relevant safety standards.
Comes with a round raceway, cable ties
, cable wraps, and cables zippers for tidy cable management.
Power Strip Box

ZBRAND Cable Management Box- Power Strip Box with cooling window

The ideal link coordinator box to conceal your intensely utilized lines and wires. Basic, current plan effectively mixes into your current stylistic theme while easily concealing heaps of ropes heaped on top of one another. Very open line the executives box has a lot of space for even enormous flood defenders WITH powerful connectors tucked securely inside. So your children and pets are protected 100% of the time to meander and investigate.

Power strip box
Power strip box
Anti-overheating Window.No additional cable ties & cable wraps.
Multiple Cord Ports on sides.
Sleek and stylish designs.
Protection from accidental access of kids and pets.
Smartphone Holder at the top.
Heatproof ABS material, electrically safe.
Power Strip Box

NTONPOWER Wire tidy box-Power Strip Box.

One of the best Power Strip boxes in the market. NTONPOWER offers a sleek designed power strip box with the dimensions of 310x138x130mm. It comes with a built-in smartphone holder for space tidiness. Non-toxic ABS plastic material not only hides clutters but gives you a scratch-less, fire-retardant, and heatproof experience. This power strip box comes with a flexible lid for easy placing/displacing the power strip equipment. At the top of the lid, there is a smartphone/tablet holder with small holes for charging cables.

There is a layer of silicon mats at the bottom of the power strip box for a non-slip application. Another benefit of the silicone mat is that it protects the wooden floor or carpet beneath it from a little escaped heat.

Power strip box
Power strip box
Made up of eco-friendly ABS materialDoesn’t offer additional cable wraps, zippers, and ties.
Comes up with a Flexible Lid.No heat-dissipating holes.
Can hold a smartphone at its top for charging purposes.
Silicon Mat at the bottom for a non-slippery material.
Power Strip Box

MUDEELA Cable organizer box-Power Strip Box. Pack of 2

MUDEELA is a big name in the market of electric protection equipment manufacturing. Their power strip box is a true witness of the above-mentioned statement. It comes with a combined package of two power strip boxes. One is of a larger dimension of 15.7″ (L) x 5.8″ (W) x 5.2″ (H) that generally fits large-sized power strips (having 12 or more outlets) and the other is of a medium dimension of 12.5″ (L) x 5.1″ (W) x 5.0″ (H) that generally fits a medium-sized power strip (having 6-8 power outlets).

It has a sleek and stylish body that quickly matches your setup aesthetics when you place it. It hides power strips, surge protectors, clusters of wires without a hassle-free installation. Another good design feature is its safe-locked upper lid that can not easily open. Prevent kids and pets from the directly exposed clusters of wire.

Power strip box
Power strip box
Made up of electricity-proof ABS plastic material.No heat-dissipating holes.
High-density plastic that is impact-proof.No additional wraps, ties, or cables.
Unique Safe Locking Lid.
Smartphone holder at the top.
Two side doors for tidy entry/exit of the wires.
Power Strip Box

AHUNTER 2PCS Cable management box – Power Strip Box.

AHUNTER power strip box comes up with high-density plastic-made material that is shockproof, fire retardant, and impact-less. Like some other companies, AHUNTER also offers a combined package of two power strip boxes. One is a larger-sized box with the dimension of (36x13x13,3cm) and the other is a medium-sized box with the dimension of (30x11x11cm). Their unique selling point is that they offer 20 strong wall stickers to place your power strip box on the wall for easy accessibility.

The power strip box is made up of High-Quality ABS material and MAPLE board. Not only they can withstand high temperatures but can tackle electric plug plunges easily.

The power strip box is hollow from the inside and has a heat distribution through holes in it. Each cable organizer has 4 nonslip pads under it. Their coverings protect your power strips from dust and water, prevent kids and pets from electricity.

Power strip box
Power strip box
ABS material- Impact less, Electricity-safe, scratch less.Does not have a smartphone holder.
Non-slippery.Does not offer additional cable ties, wraps, or zippers.
4 Heat dissipating holes for each power strip box.
Comes in a combined package of two power strip boxes.
Power Strip Box

Conclusion about Power Strip Box:

Nobody likes an untidy workstation, living room, kitchen cabinets, or gaming setups. Having an untidy workstation can decrease your productivity by many folds. Always invest in a quality power strip box that can maintain the balance of cables on your site, match your aesthetics, and increase your productivity. Check our guide on buying the best power strip box that suits you best.

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