Top 7 Best Power Strips for Aquarium

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What is an Aquarium?

An aquarium is a vivarium of any length having at least one prominent aspect wherein aquatic vegetation or animals are kept and displayed. Fish keepers use aquaria to preserve fish, invertebrates, amphibians, marine reptiles, turtles, and aquatic plant life.

Aquariums are great. They provide us with a sense of wonderment and excitement. That is, however, not the case if your power strip is out of date. There’s a big difference between a good power strip and a bad power strip. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about aquarium power supplies.

A power strip also known as Power bar is a device used to fit your water tank to improve its water flow and protect your fish. List the best power strip for your aquarium.

A good idea for you to search for while picking a plug extension for your aquarium?

There are five primary variables to consider when assessing plug extensions for your aquarium.

Precautions to Take When Placing a Power bar in  Aquarium

Power strips also known as power bars, are a convenient way to plug in multiple electronic devices, but they can also be dangerous if not used properly. When placing a power strip in an aquarium or any electronic appliance, it is important to take some safety precautions to prevent electrical fires and other hazards.

1. Choose a power strip that is designed for use in wet environments.

Not all power strips are created equal. Some are designed for use in dry environments, while others are designed for use in wet environments. If you are placing a power strip in an aquarium, it is important to choose a power strip that is specifically designed for use in wet environments.

2. Place the power strip in a safe location.

The aquarium power bar should be placed in a location where it will not come into contact with water. This means placing it away from the aquarium itself, as well as any other water sources.

3. Use the power strip to plug in only electronic devices that are water-resistant or waterproof.

If you are plugging in electronic devices that are not water-resistant or waterproof, you should use a surge protector instead of a power strip. Surge protectors are designed to protect electronic devices from electrical surges, which can occur when there is a power outage or other interruption in the power supply.

4. Avoid overloading the power strip.

Each power strip has a maximum wattage rating. This means that you should not plug in more electronic devices than the power strip can handle. If you overload the power strip, it could overheat and cause a fire.

5. Keep the power strip clean and dry.

It is important to keep the power strip clean and dry to prevent the buildup of dust and moisture. Dust and moisture can create a fire hazard.


By following these safety precautions, you can help to prevent electrical fires and other hazards when placing a power strip in an aquarium or any electronic appliance.

Additional Information

Here are some additional safety precautions to take when placing a power strip in an aquarium or any electronic appliance:

  • Use a power strip with a built-in circuit breaker. This will help to protect the power strip from overloads.
  • Keep the power strip away from children and pets.
  • Inspect the power strip regularly for damage. If the power strip is damaged, do not use it.
  • If you have any questions about the safety of using a power strip in an aquarium or any electronic appliance, you should consult with an electrician.

Features to keep in mind when looking for an Aquarium Power bar/ Power Strip for an 

Is it mountable?

Preferably, you will mount your plug extension so it isn’t lying on the floor. By mounting the plug extension, you stay away from everyday issues with spilling water or spilling tanks. Best to be as cautious as possible.

Many plug extensions accompany circles or openings that you can screw through to mount them. Possible regions for mounting incorporate the divider behind the aquarium, the baseboard, or the back mass of the aquarium bureau.

Water Protection

Water insurance secures your gadgets in instances of electrical water. The flood defender comprehends assuming there is a higher than standard measure of power streaming and stops the transmission before it arrives at your hardware and obliterates them.

For aquarium hardware like radiators, channels, and lights, a plug extension with an implicit flood defender is a reasonable method for securing your aquarium and sea-going critters.

Recollect that most plug extensions with flood assurance are single-use. Assuming that the flood defender trips, you want to dispose of the plug extension and get another one. Irritating, indeed, however much less expensive than supplanting all of the harmed aquarium hardware that was connected.

Ground issue circuit interrupter (GFCI)

Current homes worked on coding generally have GFCI introduced in the electrical board or outlets with GFCI worked in. your home probably won’t have GFCI. Assuming it doesn’t, I enthusiastically suggest that you consider a plug extension or additional rope with GFCI worked in.

GFCI is life-saving. It can shield individuals from lethal electric shocks if it recognizes power streaming down an accidental way –, for example, through your aquarium water or your body! It is a well-being highlight intended to save individuals from deadly shocks,

Considering that aquariums blend water and power, we enthusiastically suggest GFCI inclusion when you’re connecting aquarium devices. Most plug extensions don’t have a GFCI incorporated into them, so you must focus on the buying system.

Another choice is purchasing an inline GFCI, similar to this, and attaching your plug extension to that. It is less expensive than recruiting an electrical expert and gives GFCI security to your plug extension.


Number of Outlets

Pop test – assuming you have 6 bits of aquarium hardware that you want to plug into your plug extension, what number of power sources do you want on your plug extension?

The response is somewhere around six outlets, yet I’d suggest an 8 or 10-attachment strip to avoid any unnecessary risk. In the first place, you have the adaptability to add future bits of gear (which we will all realize will happen because we’re enormous aquarium geeks). Furthermore, the attachments’ design matters, particularly assuming that your hardware plugs are cumbersome (I’m checking you out, clocks for lighting).

All in all, the format of the attachments is significant. We lean toward slender plug extensions with the branches in a solitary line for convenience and minor design issues.


Current homes frequently have brilliant home capacities. Some plug extensions with wifi can be changed through applications on your telephone, which means you can be away from home and mood-killer the lights or turn on the programmed fish feeder with the press of a button.

7 Best Power Strips for Aquariums-Reviewed 

Stanley 31610 Metal Surge Protector

The surge protector has three key features: Surge Protection, Power Distribution and Ground Fault Protection. This item is made of metal materials. It is very durable. The surge protector does not include a connector. It converts from a three-outlet to 9 outlets with a unifying switch.

 Each outlet provides surge protection to protect your electronic devices from spikes, surges and unexpected power interruptions. This device works with your computer, TV, DVD player, stereo system, and other household electronics.

Best Power Strip for Aquarium
Best Power Strip for Aquarium

Stanley surge protectors provide advanced protection for your electronics and appliances by helping to guard against electrical spikes, surges and lightning strikes. The surge protector features a 4-outlet power block that has nine rotating outlets, including two USB charging ports.

  • Individual switches
  • Performs as expected
  • Easy to install
  • N/A

Tripp Lite 7 Outlet (6 Individually Controlled) Surge Protector Power Strip

This product is part of the 7 Outlet Surge Protec grouping. The surge protection rating of this product is 1080joule. The joule rating can help to protect against potentially damaging surges. This is an inexpensive surge protector that can protect your home theatre system, computer and other sensitive electronics from power surges and further damage.

The 6-foot cord length is quite long, making it easy to place this product in an outlet close to any electronic device you may have. It also features a NEMA 5-15P plug, making it compatible with most computer and electronic devices that use this standard outlet size.

Best Power Strip for Aquarium
Best Power Strip for Aquarium

 The six outlets are all equipped with individual on/off switches, making it easy to change the power source on each outlet whenever needed. Take control of your electronic devices. Use this surge suppressor to protect valuable electronics and appliances from overloading and keep your Aquarium functioning properly.

  • Best power switch 
  • unique design
  • Durable quality
  • Plug spacing is a little tight


ADJ Products PC-100A AC Power Strip offers a simple solution to all your AC power needs. Featuring eight 120v 3-prongs, each power socket contains a lighted rocker switch that makes the control of your fixtures simple and easy. Push the rocker switch to maintain or turn off the lights and other equipment.

Three sets of individual switches allow you to connect up to 12 power connections per unit. The on/off switch is conveniently located at the top of the team for ease of use. Each power socket contains a lighted rocker switch that makes the control of your fixtures simple and easy. Push the rocker switch to maintain or turn off the lights and other equipment.

Best Power Strip for Aquarium
Best Power Strip for Aquarium

This power strip is an excellent addition to the table. It creates an easy, clean looking setup for your booth. Features 8 LED light rocker switches make controlling your fixtures simple and easy. Each power socket contains a lighted rocker switch.

  • Best power switch for organized aquarium cabinet
  • Clean design
  • Durable quality
  • Plug spacing is a little tight

IPower 8-Outlet Surge Protector with 24-Hour Mechanical Time

Not only will this power strip protect your equipment from power surges, but it also protects your equipment and appliances from power outages. Master ON/OFF switch provides complete control over your devices.

 Smart Trickle feature to protect electronics and appliances against power spikes. Auto Restart function restores the timer to the previous setting after a power surge has been interrupted. An overload protection function is available to protect your equipment during high-demand periods.

Best Power Strip for Aquarium
Best Power Strip for Aquarium

Built-in 24-hour mechanical time keeps it accurate. Fifteen minutes or lower with an automatic pin dial. Multiple plugs for your numerous electrical devices and appliances can be used simultaneously. The timer function is controlled by an indicator in the device and has a maximum power of 825 watts.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful white colour

·       N/A

DEWENWILS Power Strip with Timer

If you are looking for a power strip that offers multiple timer settings and will keep your devices powered down while on standby, look no further. This power strip is versatile and will allow you to have multiple timers for different devices, as well as other power settings for your appliances.

 Perfect for small spaces, this power strip will not take up much room when being used. If you are looking for a power strip that offers multiple timer settings and will keep your devices powered down while on standby, look no further.

Best Power Strip for Aquarium
Best Power Strip for Aquarium

 This power strip is versatile and will allow you to have multiple timers for different devices, as well as other power settings for your appliances. Perfect for small spaces, this power strip will not take up much room when being used. Low power consumption design can run up to 30A and save more than 80% of your electricity bill.

  • 120 Volts Voltage
  • Beautiful colour
  • Easy to use
  •          Available in white color ONLY

Described product is un available at this time so best alternative is provider here


Suraielec Power Strip Individual Switches

The Suraielec Individual Switches are a great way to give yourself the freedom to use your electrical devices wherever you need, without having to unplug constantly and re-plug cables. The 8-foot long cord allows you to use your devices up to 30 feet away from where the power is supplied.

The Suraielec individual switches can be used on their own or in conjunction with other Suraielec products, such as the Surge Arrest, which will protect your home from excessive spikes in your electrical system. This light-duty surge protector protects baby and other sensitive electronic equipment from spikes, spikes, surges and over current conditions.

Best Power Strip for Aquarium
Best Power Strip for Aquarium

This power strip is made of heavy-duty, high-quality material which can be used in any home. It’s designed to withstand heavy-duty usage and works with any plug size.

  • Beautiful color
  • Performs as expected
  • Easy to install
  • Not waterproof


Power Strip with Individual Switches and Flat Plug

The Crest 6-outlet surge protector strip is the perfect solution for small to midsize homes and businesses. Designed to withstand power surges, this heavy-duty surge protector protects your valuable electronic equipment.

The flat plug and individual switches allow you to connect it anywhere you need. Ideal for your kitchen, entertainment center, and other electronics at home. This surge protector kit provides high-quality protection for your electronic devices when external surges overcharge your home.

Best Power Strip for Aquarium
Best Power Strip for Aquarium

For added convenience, all dip switches are labeled with easy-to-understand icons. Eliminates line noise, overloading, power surges and spikes. This is a professional power strip with individual controls and a flat plug. It is not a surge protector that protects your device from overloading, but it does protect against sudden surges and provides better safety for your electronics.

  • Easy to install
  • 1200 Joules
  • Lightweight
  • Some people may dislike Yellow color



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FAQs about Best power strip for aquarium

How would you shield a plug extension from water?

There are a few choices for shielding a plug extension from water. Water harm is a genuine danger around aquariums, so it is vital to approach this seriously. In the first place, mounting the plug extension on the divider will assist with staying away from aquarium spills. Then, you want to cover the power source – either tape (DIY fix) or youngster resistant covers are great choices. Finally, GFCI is significant, as it can stop the electric stream, assuming there is flow interference and unusual stream. Picking a GFCI plug extension or utilizing an inline GFCI choice is significant.

1. Are power strips safe for aquariums?

Power strips can be used for aquariums, but it’s crucial to choose a power strip specifically designed for aquarium use. These aquarium power strips often come with built-in surge protection and other safety features, such as waterproof or splash-resistant designs. Regular power strips may not have the necessary safeguards to protect your aquarium equipment from electrical issues and may not be designed for water-resistant environments.

2. Which is better power strip or surge protector?

The choice between a power strip and a surge protector depends on your specific needs. A power strip provides multiple outlets for connecting various devices, but it does not offer surge protection. On the other hand, a surge protector includes surge suppression capabilities, which help protect connected devices from voltage spikes and power surges. If you have sensitive electronics or valuable equipment, it is generally better to use a surge protector to safeguard against potential damage.

3. What is better than a power strip?

If you require more advanced features or greater protection for your devices, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a better option than a power strip. A UPS not only provides multiple outlets but also offers surge protection and battery backup. The battery backup feature allows your devices to remain powered during outages, giving you time to safely shut them down and preventing data loss or damage. UPS units are particularly useful for sensitive electronics or critical systems that require continuous power supply.

4. Does it matter what power strip I use?

Yes, it does matter what power strip you use. It is important to choose a power strip from a reputable manufacturer that meets the necessary safety standards. Look for power strips that have built-in overload protection and proper grounding to ensure the safe operation of your connected devices. Additionally, consider the power rating and number of outlets to meet your specific needs, and check for any additional features or certifications that enhance safety and convenience.

5. Can you plug a fish tank into an extension cord

It is generally not recommended to plug a fish tank directly into an extension cord. Extension cords are not designed for continuous or high-power usage and can pose safety risks, especially when used with water-related equipment like fish tanks. Instead, it is advisable to use a dedicated power source, such as a properly rated power strip or surge protector, that is specifically designed for aquarium use. This ensures proper electrical grounding, protection against electrical issues, and reduces the risk of electrical hazards near water.


In conclusion, selecting the right power strip for your aquarium is crucial to ensure the safety and functionality of your aquatic environment. With numerous options available on the market, it’s important to consider factors such as surge protection, number of outlets, cord length, and durability.

After careful research and analysis, we have compiled a list of the top 7 best power strips for aquariums. Each of these power strips offers unique features and advantages, catering to the specific needs of aquarium enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hobbyist, these power strips provide reliable and efficient power distribution for your aquarium equipment.

Remember to prioritize safety when choosing a power strip. Look for models with built-in surge protection to safeguard your valuable equipment against electrical fluctuations. Additionally, consider the number of outlets to accommodate all your devices, and check for a sufficient cord length for flexible placement options.

By investing in a high-quality power strip, you can create a safe and organized power setup for your aquarium, allowing you to focus on enjoying the beauty and tranquility of your underwater ecosystem. So, take the time to assess your requirements, consult our list of recommendations, and make an informed decision that suits your specific needs.

Ensure the well-being of your aquatic inhabitants and equipment by choosing one of the top-rated power strips mentioned in this article. With the right power strip in place, you can provide a stable and secure power source for your aquarium, enhancing your overall aquatic experience.

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