Discover the Top 4 Best Power Strips for Your Desk

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Your desk is a cluttered mess of cables. Your laptop, monitor, printer, phone charger, and other devices are all plugged in, but there’s never enough power. You’re constantly tripping over cables, and you’re worried about a power surge damaging your equipment.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This is a common problem for many people. The good news is, there’s a solution: a power strip.

A power strip is a device that provides multiple outlets from a single power source. This allows you to connect multiple devices to the same outlet, which can help to declutter your desk and protect your equipment from power surges.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 4 best power strips for your desk. We’ll consider factors such as a number of outlets, surge protection, and price to help you find the perfect power strip for your needs.

So whether you’re looking for a basic power strip or one with advanced features, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the top 4 best power strips for your desk.

Power strips are one of the most utilitarian devices at any place. Its main advantage is the number of outlets it provides to an individual wanting to power several appliances or devices. Other additional features include surge protection, USB ports, the fire-proof body makes the power strip a must-own product by fulfilling all the homeowner’s needs.

As former global pandemic or the coronavirus outbreak forced us to sit at home. During that time, work-from-home became a popular term everywhere. Corporations and companies made their employees work from home for the sake of employees’ safety while maintaining their work. Even now, when the strictness of the pandemic fades away up to a certain level, many of us prefer working from home. Working from home creates a ratio of comfort with productivity.

Desk with power strip
Desk with power strip

Working from home requires focus. You can easily get distracted even by a tiny, simple thing. If you work from home, you might experience getting distracted easily. Our recommendation is to have a nice, tidy, and well-organized workstation. Keep your desk clear, clean, and neat by organizing cables and wires. But how?

If you, like everybody else, hate an untidy cluster of wires, then you should consider investing in a desk-clamping power strip. A desk with a power strip can make your life easier by managing all the clusters of wires, providing you with a variety of outlets, and offering you some protection for your workstation.

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Benefits of Desks with power strips:

Let’s dig deep into the benefits of a desk with power strips.

According to us, simplicity is very aesthetic and underrated. Desk with power strips creates a simple environment to focus on work without looking at the cluster of wires every other second. We think it will distract you from working hard.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the sparkings of loose wirings. It happens when several plugs with a cluster of wires are inserted into a free-from-bottom power strip. These power strips, on the other hand, get clamped with your desk at one side so you have the ON/OFF buttons and plugs accessible.

Overall, it makes your desk look hi-tech and futuristic. All power outlets, USB ports, and power buttons will be on one side of your desk.

Our Top Picks:

Here are our top picks of Desks with power strips.

HHSOET Desk Clamp Power Strip

HHSOET is an innovative and well-reputed company in the market of comprehensive power connection solutions. They are specialized in the sale of various household, office, and industrial power socket types of equipment.

Their desk clamp power strip or desk with power strip comes with a strong 4 AC power outlets, 2 USB ports, a six-feet long cord with a detachable plug, and a mount with a central screw that fits almost every desk or table.

Desk with power strip
Desk with power strip

This desk with a power strip is very easy to install. It has a mount with a central screw. Place it on the desk and adjust the screw with the help of a screwdriver. Its range of clamping is 1.7 inches max with the table and a 1.4-inch gap between the wall and the table. It’s 6ft long cord provides you good space for easy adjusting the power strip.

Moreover, this strip is flame-retardant, made of high-quality ABS plastic that is totally scratch-proof. HHSOET power strips come with ETL certifications in compliance with your safety.

The total desk outlet AC output is 125V, maximum current: 12A, maximum output is 1500W. The USB ports are 5V/2.1A in total. There is an ON/OFF switch on it which can easily turn it on and off.

  • 4AC outlets and 2 USB ports.
  • High-Quality ABS plastic.
  • 6ft long cord.
  • ETL certifications.
  • 1500W max output, 12A total Current.
  • No surge protection.
  • Only for indoor use

CCCEI Metal 6 Outlet Desk Clamp Power Strip

CCCEI is a prestigious company in the manufacturing of professional industry power strips or more specifically desks with power strips.

This CCCEI Metal 6 Outlet Desk Clamp Power Strip is an all-in-one aluminum alloy power strip with a sliding design on its back. It makes your desk looks tidy.

With all 6 AC power outlets, 3 USB ports, you can charge multiple devices at the same time. It can power up your whole desk. Its USB Ports are 5V/2.4A. Its total voltage output is 100-200V. The amount of maximum current is almost 12A while the total overall output is 1440W.

Desk with power strip
Desk with power strip

This desk with power strip is made of High-Quality aluminum alloy material which is sturdy, fire-retardant, shock-proof, and scratch-less.

One of the main benefits of this desk with a power strip is its easy installation procedure. Just get it on the desk and tighten it. No need to punch a hole in the table or no extra screws required. The back got 2 strong fixed buttons. The table needs to keep a distance of 0.47”-0.59” from the wall and allow to clamp a desk edge maximum of 1.8”.

  • It got 6 AC power outlets and 3 USB ports.
  • Made of aluminum alloy fire-proof material.
  • 6ft long power cord.
  • Desk Outlet Data Specification: 100-200V/60HZ/12A/1440W.
  • No surge protection is included.

CCCEI 3 AC Outlet Desk Clamp Power Strip White

Again CCCEI, as this is one of the most, demanded brands offer desks with power strips or desk clamp power strips. This product of CCCEI is our personal favorite desk with a power strip or desk clamp power strip.

Desk with power strip
Desk with power strip

The power strip is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene which got fire-proof, and heat-retardant properties. It has 3 AC power outlets and 4 USB ports for charging your whole desk and all appliances on it. The maximum output of its AC outlets is 125V/60HZ/12A/1500W. Its USB ports’ output is 5V/2.1A. When using two USB ports at the same time, it will smart distribute the power based on your device. Max 2.1A/port.

The device has an easy installation procedure. The distance from the table to the wall is about 1.4Inch. The max desk edge width is 1.7Inch. The power Outlet should be under a 6.56Ft power cord.

This desk with a power strip is ETL listed that it is made from ABS and fireproof material. The ETL certification (Certified to CSA STD.C22.2NO.308). You can use it with confidence without any security issues.

Multiple protection systems provide device safety for protection from over-charging, over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, and short-circuiting.

  • Made up of ABS material. FireProof, Heat Retardant material.
  • ETL certifications. CSA STD.C22.2NO.308
  • Over-charging, over-voltage, over-current protection.
  • 6.56FT cord length.
  • Output AC outlet: 125V/60HZ/12A/1500W
  • Output USB ports: 5V/2.1A
  • No surge protection is included.

APC Desk Mount Power Station PE6U4W

The APC P6U4W SurgeArrest Essential Desk with power strip/desk clamp power strip represents the preliminary level of surge protection that should be present on any of your computers and household electronics. Its state-of-the-art circuitry offers protection for sensitive electronic equipment against larger power surges and more common power instabilities. The unique form factor of this power strip allows it to be clipped to the edge of a desk, to the wall of an office cubicle, or sit on any surface for amenity.

Desk with power strip
Desk with power strip

It got a surge arrest LED light that indicates any improper fluctuations in the current intake. There is another illuminating LED that indicates the device is properly ON. This makes this power strip safe and convenient for home and office.

Moreover, this power strip got an easy installation procedure. There is a clip beneath the device so you can clamp it at any surface. No screw required. The maximum thickness is 2.4 inches for an edge of a desk or any cubicle. That is far more than the competitive devices.

Last but not least, there is a surge protection facility available with an energy rating of 1080 Joules for the protection of all connected devices. Its surge response time is less than one nanosecond.

It got 6 AC power outlets and 4 USB A ports for charging up your whole desk equipment. It also has a right-angled plug. The description says 4.8A total for all ports. It’s unlikely that a single port will exceed 2.1A due to USB 3.1 specifications. So at best, with only one device charging you will get 2.1A and with 4 devices, 1.2A.

  • 6 AC outlets and 4 USB ports for more charging device accommodation.
  • 1080J surge protection.
  • 2.4Inch desk thickness.
  • Proper LED indications.
  • 6Ft long cord.


  • No USB C ports. All USB A ports are available.

Some FAQs about Desk Clamp Power Strip OR Desk With Power Strips:

Many users might have some questions about desks with power strips or desk clamp power strips. got you all.

Starting with our first question.

Can I put a power strip on a desk?

Yes, one can attach a power strip with a desk frame. You need a desk clamp power strip in that case. A desk clamp power strip has a central screw or a clip in some cases, you just need to place the power strip on the desk edge and tighten the screw. That’s it. No need to punch holes or extra screws.

The desk edge width can range from 1.5inch to 2.4inch. The desk clamp power strip with a clip has even easy installation. Just place it over the desk edge and release the clip.

2.Where do you put a power strip/surge protector on a desk?

You can place a power strip anywhere on the desk but the right way to put a power strip on a desk is to get a desk clamp power strip. A desk clamp power strip has a central screw mechanism so you can just tighten it on the desk edge firmly by screw. Moreover, it has a 6ft extension cord that gets plugged into a power source.

3.How do you hide computer cords in the desk in the middle of the room?

Nobody likes a messy cluster of cords. Hiding these cords can be tricky. You need to get a desk clamp power strip with a good range of outlets and ports and a minimum 6ft long cord. Use clear cable zip ties, clear cable clips, one cable wrap to direct the cords to the power strip attached to the desk. Desk with power strip. This is the only way to hide all the cords in the desk in the middle of the room

4.How do I hide the power strip on my desk?

Hiding a power strip is easy when you invest in a good power strip box. A power strip box is a box made of fireproof material, has side openings for the inlet and outlet of cords. They look aesthetic and can hide your power strip under them. You can check the power strip box here.

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In conclusion, there are many great power strips on the market that can help you declutter your desk and protect your equipment from power surges. The power strips we’ve listed in this blog post are all great options, but the best one for you will depend on your specific needs.

So take some time to consider your needs and budget, and then choose the power strip that’s right for you. You’ll be glad you did.

Here are some additional tips for choosing a power strip:

  • Read the reviews: Before you buy a power strip, be sure to read the reviews to see what other people have to say about it. This can help you to avoid buying a power strip that’s not as good as it seems.
  • Make sure it’s UL-listed: UL is a safety certification organization that tests and approves electrical products. If a power strip is UL-listed, it means that it’s been tested and meets safety standards.
  • Get a surge protector with a warranty: A surge protector with a warranty will protect you in case the power strip fails and damages your equipment.

I hope this blog post has been helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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