Top 5 Best Power Strips for Workbench

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A well-equipped workbench is the beating heart of any productive workspace. From powering tools and devices to charging essential electronics, having a reliable and efficient power strip is crucial for maintaining productivity and safety. But with countless options available on the market, how do you choose the perfect power strip for your workbench?

In this blog post, we will explore the top five best power strips for workbenches, specifically tailored to meet the demands of a busy workbench environment. These high-capacity power strips are designed to handle the rigors of heavy-duty tasks, making them ideal for the most demanding workbenches.

When it comes to power strips for workbenches, durability is paramount. That’s why we’ve selected power strips that are built to last, ensuring they can withstand the demands of rugged workbench environments. From the construction materials to the robust design, these power strips are engineered to provide long-lasting performance, even in the most challenging conditions.

One crucial consideration for workbenches is protecting valuable electronics from power surges. We understand the importance of safeguarding your devices, and that’s why each power strip on our list incorporates surge protection technology. These surge-protected power strips shield your workbench electronics from voltage spikes, providing peace of mind and preventing costly damage.

Versatility is another key factor to consider. Workbenches often host an array of devices, from power tools to smartphones and tablets. Our selection includes power strips with USB ports, allowing you to conveniently charge your devices while keeping your workbench clutter-free. These USB-enabled power strips provide the versatility you need to keep all your devices powered and within reach.

We also understand that workbench space is precious. To maximize efficiency, we’ve handpicked power strips that are designed with space-saving features. These compact power strips fit seamlessly onto small workbenches, ensuring you have ample space for your projects without compromising on functionality.

For those looking to maintain an organized workbench setup, we’ve included mountable power strips on our list. These power strips can be easily attached to walls or under workbench surfaces, keeping cords off the work area and providing a clean and tidy workspace.

Flexibility is essential, which is why our selection features power strips with long cords. These long cord power strips offer the freedom to position your workbench and devices as needed, accommodating various workbench arrangements and setups.

Whether you have an industrial workbench or a DIY workstation, energy efficiency is crucial. That’s why our chosen power strips are designed with energy-saving features, ensuring optimal power consumption and contributing to eco-conscious workbenches.

Lastly, we’ve included power strips with multiple outlets to cater to workbenches with numerous devices. These multi-outlet power strips eliminate the need for additional extension cords, providing convenience and functionality in one package.

In our blog post, we have reviewed each power strip in detail, covering their key features, pros and cons, and why they stand out from the competition. Get ready to supercharge your productivity and create a workspace that empowers you to do your best work with the best power strips for your workbench.

Stay tuned for our comprehensive review of the top five best power strips for workbenches, where we will delve into the specifics and help you find the perfect companion for your workbench. Let’s power up and make your workbench an unstoppable force of creativity and efficiency!

Buying guide to the best power strip for workbench

Power strips are a crucial part of any workbench. In the past, working with power strips was a rather dangerous affair. A power strip could easily catch fire and burn a person or do serious damage to expensive electronic equipment. Today, power strips are much safer and provide much-needed power to computers and other devices. It would help if you did some research to see which power strips are the most efficient, and then you must buy based on factors such as price, size, and efficiency.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Even if you are searching out a lower-priced power strip for a workbench, you don’t want it to prevent operating before the assignment is done. Make certain to find out what this or that strength strip for the workbench is made from and ideally scan terrible reviews for capability weaknesses to decide whether or not you can and must place up with the ones.

Ease of Use

Select intuitive products that boast a nicely-concept-out design and experience desirable in your preferred placing. Versatility is also vital, except you want a committed answer, so reflect on consideration of the object’s potential scope properly.


Think about what you pay for if you select a positive power strip for the workbench choice. Is it the brand or the actual exceptional? Are all of the bells and whistles on this top-class version well worth the extra cash? It’s always up to you. And don’t overlook to element in the warranty — first-rate coverage could spare you a few prices!

Here is the list of best power strips for workbench


 1. New Weltron – Mountable Surge Protector 6 Ft.

Best Power Strip for workbench

This surge protector is ideal for providing surge protection and safety in all your sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, printers, fax machines, telephones, modems, and other network equipment.

 The cable is made of steel, and the plastic cap is attached to the cable with a screw. The surge protector can be mounted on the wall or the floor. This surge protector has two mounting screws to be screwed into the wall or floor. Heavy-duty 14 AWG power cord.

 This surge protector gives you the safety of your electronic device; devices are protected from surges and spikes that might damage the devices. You can mount this on the wall or floor to provide safety for your electronic devices such as computers, printers, and other equipment. 125v 15A circuit breaker.


 Good power strips are available

 Easy to use

 1.5 long screws


2. Latest Globe Electric 78249 Designer Series 6ft – Best power strip with usb-c

Best Power Strip for workbench

This 6.3-foot power cord is equipped with three outlets that can hold your gadgets while they charge. Use them alone or connect the two USB ports to a single device for charging. The innovative design has a coat hanger-style swivel plug that makes it easy to hide cords and provides clear visibility.

 Integrated circuit protection guarantees reliable performance. The patent-pending design protects your furniture from electrical spikes and eliminates the risk of overheating. Available in 2.4-amp or 2.6-amp surge currents, this designer series will add a splash of style to any room in your home or office.

Three hundred joules – ideal for little Electronics. Power rope is a 6-foot power line with a right point plug for expanded reach from electrical plugs. Absolute Outlet 5 Right point plug furniture can sit flush to the divider with Globe Electric thin right point plug.


High 125 voltage


Six outlets 2 USB ports

Most customers do not like the lightweight

3. CRST 10-Outlet Heavy Duty Power Strip

Best Power Strip for workbench

This popular surge protector is a reliable way to protect your electronics during power outages or surges. A built-in over-voltage protection feature protects expensive electronics. The black power strip design provides a convenient spot to store cords. This 10-outlet surge protector also features 2 USB ports that easily charge smartphones and tablets while on the go.

 This power strip is in a crowded space. A rugged design helps it stand up to daily use in any environment. Conveniently connect multiple devices to this surge protector by connecting the included 6-foot power cord to the outlet on the front of the unit. There’s no need for extra plugs or wall adapters that can get lost or misplaced.

The surge protector is also compatible with other extension cords and most major brands of electronic devices, including smartphones and tablets. A built-in over-voltage protection feature protects expensive electronics in an affordable 10-outlet surge protector. This surge protector is also ideal for home offices.


One outlet and 2 USB ports

14AWG heavy-duty cord

Lightweight and four screws

  • N/A

4. New Wall Mount Power Strip with 4 Outlet, 2 USB charging ports

Best Power Strip for workbench

Wall mount power outlet strip with USB has 4 US standard AC outlets, 2 USB charging ports, double break switch connects with 6.56 feet power cord. The package includes screws. A wall-mountable power strip with a USB is a great solution for organizing your home office and protecting your furniture from unnecessary damage due to electric appliances (hair drier, iron, utility knives, etc.)

. Thanks to its heavy-duty construction, it’s also ideal for outdoor use. The rugged design features a thermostat that protects your sensitive electronic equipment against overheating or too cold temperatures by automatically shutting off the power when temperatures drop too low. Repel and protect your furniture from electrical damage, keeping your home safe and clean. 1440W, USB Ports.

 5V/2.1 an altogether, 1A each port when two ports are utilized simultaneously. A solitary port’s most extreme charging pace can be up to 2.1A. Divider mount plug extension with USB saves space productively, divider mount or underwork area plan, simple to mount on your divider, table, work area, workbench, end table, dresser, bureau, pull-out, and any spot that you need.


Easy to use

2 USB charging port

Lightweight and 6.56 feet power cord

  • N/A

5. 360 Electrical 36051 Power Curve 6

Best Power Strip for workbench

The Power Curve 6 offers three levels of surge protection for six outlets. The 360 surge protector is the best in its class and provides a full set of six rotating outlets that can accommodate to Use a wide range of plugs. The four-prong outlet accommodates large plug styles, while the two-prong outlet accommodates small plugs.

The Power Curve 6 has three different power levels to provide the right level of protection for every room in your home. A 15-amp overload circuit breaker also helps to protect your appliances from damage by overloading during surges and spikes. An on/off switch provides an easy way to turn on and off the power before it reaches your devices and appliances to monitor the power quality.

 Auto shutoff will have your appliances powered up within one minute after the main power supply has been restored to normal or the circuit breaker has been reset. The on/off button can also be programmed to automatically shut off when a selected time expires, such as during sleep mode or when no.


Unique design

Beautiful white and gray color

Lightweight and 4-foot cord

  • N/A

FAQs About Work Benches

Are plug extensions hazardous?

On the off chance that you utilize a plug extension appropriately, it can really lessen the danger of electrical fire by giving a protected spot to connect extra frill. Notwithstanding, assuming you abuse a plug extension, either by over-burdening it, involving it for machines it’s not evaluated for, or connecting various plug extensions together (called daisy-affixing), then, at that point, it can turn into a risk.

Is it perilous to daisy chain plug extensions?

Daisy-tying plug extensions means to interface various plug extensions together in a series that associates back to a solitary power plug. This is a major worry for putting out fires experts since daisy-anchored plug extension associations will constantly prompt an over-burden plug extension that warms up until it wears out or bursts into flames.

For what reason in all actuality do plug extensions burst into flames?

Assuming you over-burden a power plug, or the plug extension itself, by connecting numerous gadgets that draw a lot of power, similar to a climate control system or an electric warmer, the plug extension can encounter abundant heat until it starts a fire.

How long do plug extensions last?

The lifespan of plug extensions can vary depending on various factors such as the quality of the extension, frequency of use, and maintenance. Generally, a well-made and properly used plug extension can last for several years. However, it is essential to regularly inspect the extension for any signs of damage or wear and replace it if necessary to ensure safety and optimal functionality. Regularly following safety precautions, such as avoiding overloading the extension and keeping it away from moisture or extreme temperatures, can help prolong its lifespan.

What do I need for an electronics workbench?

To set up an electronics workbench, you will need several essential items. These include:

  • Workbench or Workstation
  • Adjustable Power Supply
  • Soldering Iron and Solder
  • Multimeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • Wire Cutters and Strippers
  • Breadboard
  • Component Storage and Organization
  • ESD Protection
  • Various Hand Tools
  1. Workbench or Workstation:
    A sturdy and spacious work surface where you can comfortably work on your electronics projects.

  2. Adjustable Power Supply:
    An adjustable power supply unit that can provide a range of voltages and currents to power and test electronic components and circuits.

  3. Soldering Iron and Solder:
    A high-quality soldering iron and solder for soldering and desoldering electronic components.

  4. Multimeter:
    A reliable multimeter for measuring voltage, current, resistance, and continuity in electronic circuits.

  5. Oscilloscope:
    An oscilloscope allows you to visualize and analyze electronic signals, helping with troubleshooting and circuit analysis.

  6. Wire Cutters and Strippers:
    Tools for cutting and stripping wires accurately and cleanly.

  7. Breadboard:
    A breadboard provides a convenient platform for prototyping and testing electronic circuits without the need for soldering.

  8. Component Storage and Organization:
    Containers, drawers, or storage bins to keep electronic components organized and easily accessible.

  9. Electrostatic discharge (ESD);
    protection measures such as an ESD mat, wrist strap, and grounding to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.
  10. Various Hand Tools:
    Screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers, wire crimpers, and other common hand tools for assembly, repair, and modification tasks.

Additionally, having a well-lit workspace, good ventilation, and proper safety equipment, such as safety goggles and anti-static wristbands, is crucial for maintaining a safe and efficient electronics workbench.

Remember, the specific requirements may vary depending on your projects and needs, but these are the essential items to get started with an electronics workbench.

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In conclusion, when it comes to setting up a workbench, having the right power strip is essential for efficiency, convenience, and safety. After careful research and consideration, we have identified the top five best power strips specifically designed for workbenches.

These power strips combine durability, surge protection, versatility, and space-saving features to meet the unique demands of a workbench environment. They are built to withstand heavy-duty tasks, ensuring a long lifespan and reliable performance. With surge protection technology, your valuable electronic devices are safeguarded from voltage spikes, providing peace of mind and preventing potential damage.

The inclusion of USB ports in these power strips allows for easy charging of devices while keeping your workbench organized and clutter-free. Additionally, their compact design and mounting options make them ideal for workbenches of any size, maximizing your workspace and enhancing overall productivity.

Each power strip on our list offers multiple outlets, eliminating the need for additional extension cords and accommodating the various devices you use on your workbench. With these power strips, you can power your tools, charge your devices, and create a well-organized and efficient work environment.

We understand that every workbench setup is unique, and the best power strip for you may depend on your specific requirements. We encourage you to thoroughly review our detailed reviews of each power strip to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

By investing in one of the top five best power strips for workbenches, you can enhance your productivity, protect your devices, and create a safer and more organized workspace. Say goodbye to tangled cords, insufficient outlets, and concerns about overloading circuits.

Choose a power strip that fits your workbench like a glove and unlocks the full potential of your projects. Power up your workbench, and let your creativity and productivity thrive!

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